Thursday, January 15, 2015

DIY Valentine Dominoes Busy Bag

When Mom needs a few minutes to sit and watch the kids play (or get in on the play action!) or a moment to just grab a hot cup of coffee, a busy bag activity is the way to go.  This Valentine's Day  DIY dominoes activity is a fun way to play and practice a few visual perceptual skills.

DIY Valentine's Day Visual Perceptual Activity

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We started with a pile of craft sticks and a couple of markers.  I drew some hearts in different shades of red and some with outlines.

We were able to use these "dominoes" to match the hearts side by side.  Scanning for the correct hearts is a great way to work on visual scanning.  This was a little difficult when all of the sticks were piled together as there were duplicates of the different hearts, but the other end of the stick didn't exactly match up.  Big Sister (age 7) enjoyed this scanning activity.  I showed her how to match both ends of the sticks.  

Why make a busy bag activity?

 Sure, sure Mom can have a mini-me time moment when the kids are off playing dolls or cars, or whatever their favorite independent activity is at the moment.  And that's just about perfect!  But why make a busy bag activity for the kids?  Sometimes there is a specific skill that needs working on, and this activity was a great way to work on those visual perceptual skills.  Visual scanning is important in handwriting, reading, cutting with scissors, and most self-care tasks.

Baby Girl got in on the stick decorating and made a set of her own.  I love how she watches everything I do and does her own version of "being mommy"!

We matched the hearts to play our version of Valentine's Day dominoes.  

Let us know if you try one of our busy bag activities!

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  1. LOVE these! Now I need to remember where I put my craft sticks!

  2. Great idea which could be adapted for any holiday. Off to stock up on craft sticks!

  3. I love this so much! Easy to prep and tons of different ways to play with them. Brilliant!!

  4. these are fun! looking forward to make this game with kiddos

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  7. How funny, I linked up a similar craft stick idea. Great minds think alike! I'll go add a link to the bottom of my post that directs people to this one of yours to get another craft stick option. Have a great day!

  8. Such an cute idea and so easy to make. A great way to make a really unique domino set

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  9. What a great idea for a unique and cute set of dominoes!

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