Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flower Petal Patterns Busy Bag

Spring means flowers will be blooming!  We made this EASY flower petal patterns busy bag with something you might not expect...a paper towel!  Busy moms need easy and quick learning and play activities for kids and this one was super quick to throw together.  We loved to add a bit of learning to the busy bag activity so these petals follow a color pattern matching task right on the paper towel!

Flower petal pattern busy bag activities. Did you know felt can stick to a paper towel?

Flower Petal Busy Bag

Busy bags keep hands and minds busy while Mom cleans up other messes.  This one is so easy to throw togehter and that you might want to make a few versions.  I've warned you!  Here's the low-down:

Grab a paper towel.  Refrain your self from wiping spills on the counter, dust, or kid boogers.  Instead, get crafty with some markers.

I drew flowers with petals that had patterns and colors.  Cut felt petals to match (mostly) in size.

Start building the busy puzzle!  Kids can do this busy bag activity on their own while you grab more paper towels and start wiping down the toilets drawing more fun pictures.

Matching colors and patterns is fun with this busy bag activity.

The felt with stick to the paper towels...for the most part.  The felt pieces won't stay put if the paper towel is whipped around the room (ask my Little Guy how we know this...) but it will stay in place so that pictures can be built.  It's an easy and frugal way to create pattern, counting, and color learning busy activities!

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  1. love how quickly this could be put together!

  2. Such a colorful way to practice colors and patterns. Love it!!