Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kindergarten 3D Shape Identification Busy Bag

Busy bags are a great way to keep kids occupied with independent play during quiet time or ...busy times!  They are perfect, though, for learning and development, as well.  Today we are sharing a busy bag activity that can be done as a Kindergarten preparation activity.  Kids entering kindergarten in the fall may need to gain awareness of shape identification.  Many times shape identification is covered in preschool or Pre-K.  In Kindergarten, kids will work on three dimensional shapes.  While kids will be doing this activity during their kindergarten year, parents may want to prepare or work on this skill at home as well.  
3D Shape puzzle busy bag for kindergarteners

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3D Shape Activity 

3D shapes DIY puzzle busy bag for Kindergarteners

To create this busy bag, we used our Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set and a few colored markers.  Use the markers to create a shape puzzle on a piece of white paper.  Trace the shapes on the paper.  We positioned the shapes in different ways to explore the outlines of the shapes and how they look from different directions.  Trace the triangle on it's side and on the angled side.  Kids can build the "puzzle" again and again as they name the three dimensional shapes.

3D Shape Busy Bag activity

We worked on naming cylinders, cubes, rectangular prisms, and triangular prisms.  This is a fun way to introduce new terms for shapes to your Kindergartner.  My kids love to keep the puzzle sheet that we created right in the box of blocks, and pull it out to position the shapes again and again. 

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  1. Such a fun, hands-on shape game for kids!! I love it. Pinning and sharing.