Thursday, May 21, 2015

Color Road Sign Match Up Travel Activity

You know we are fans of keeping the kids occupied with learning and play busy bags, right?  These little activities can keep a mama sane.  We created this road sign color match up busy bag with the thoughts of summer travel upon us.  What should be a six hour drive can easily turn into 8, 9, 10 hours of kids' screaming (and the whining, and the's not just your family that gets all in a tizzy when they are crammed into 70 square feet of minivan for daaaaays).  So, this year, we are getting prepared.  Those long stretches of highway will be filled with learning, play, giggles, and laughter.  

A mama can hope, right?

Busy bag road sign color match up for travelling with kids.

Travel Busy Bag for Kids 

This travel busy bag is perfect for kids who are traveling on a road trip.  We're including the affiliate links for the products that we used so that you can easily find them.   To make our road sign busy bag, we grabbed a 
plastic pencil box. This holds our busy bag during the trip and will keep all of the parts in place on the child's lap. Use cardstock to cut sign shapes. Try to cut the shapes and colors of road signs that are common in your state or area of travel.

Busy bag for kids while traveling on road trips.  Use this road sign match up to match colors and shapes.

We then used clothes pins that we painted with acrylic paint in matching colors. (We received our bright paint from  Sure, you could use the colored version of painted clothes pins, but I used what we had on hand. (Packing four kids into the minivan for a trip to the store is no small feat.

Busy bag for kids as they travel. Use this road sign color match up while traveling on a road trip with kids.

And just like that, your travel busy bag is done!  Pack it up on short and long trips in the car.  Kids can look for road signs and focus on shapes and colors.  Match the pins to the shape when they see a road sign that matches either color or shape.  The best part of this kind of busy bag is that you make the rules.  Play any way that makes it work for your child.  Happy travels!

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